Plumtales by Kuhu Enterprises is a social endeavour with a goal to empower women artisan, the makers of these incredible amigurumi toys. They provide jobs with sustainable, fair-trade wages to women in villages of Haryana and Punjab. By purchasing their amigurumi toys, you are not only bringing happiness to your kids, but supporting a lot of these artisans' families too. Every purchase you make empowers rural women to take control of their careers, their families, and their lives.

Safe and chemical free, these handmade amigurumi toys are the future of sustainable playmates for your kids. Watch as your little one finds a huggable friendly toy to share his world with and help them grow their minds and imagination with Plumtales. Say no to the plastic pollution and pick a plush, soft, squishy, squeezy, doll/toys so that your child can have fun in the healthiest possible way!
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